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pvc strip

PVC Strip Curtains

Good transparency PVC strip curtains, no block of eye sight while keep heat, dust, noise, UV and insect out. Lower your power usage and keep environment nice. Flexible strip make it easy to move in/out when necessary.

Available color:

Clear, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, White, and other customized colors.


Smooth, Ribbed

Common Size(thicknessXwidthXlength):

2mmX200mmX50m; 2mmX300mmX50m; 3mmX200mmX50m; 3mmX300mmX50m;
3mmX400mmX50m; 4mmX300mmX50m; 4mmX400mmX50m

Working Temperature

Common type: suitable for ambient temperature above 0 degree Celsius
Polar type: remain soft even at -50 degree Celsius

Other Properties

We have special designed strip to offer anti-insect, anti-static and other customized requirements.

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