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Hydraulic Brake Hose

Application: Hydraulic system of all kinds of automobile and motorcycle to transfer the hydraulic power.
Commodity: Hydraulic brake hose
Standards: SAE J1401,FMVS 106
Quality Control: ISO/TS16949:2009
Material: Tube: EPDM, perfectly resist oil, heat and permeation of water
Reinforcement: high strength polyester fiber treated by special resin;.
Middle Layer: using viscosity-strengthen middle rubber between reinforcement to provide high dynamic capability
Cover: EPDM, perfectly resist heat and ozone
Brake Fluid: DOT3, DOT4
Features: Low volumetric expansion;
Ozone resistance;
Low and high temperature toughness range -55℃ - 125℃;
Exclusive whip performance;
High Tensile Performance;
Burst Pressure≥60Mpa;
Excellent Moisture Resistance;
Stable, safe and reliable brake performance.
Length/Piece: 10 - 50m
Guaranteed: 100000kms or 5 years
Size I.D O.D Inch Length Unit packing Package
Normal 3.2mm 10.5mm 1/8” 10-80m/pc 200m/roll carton,pallet
3.2mm 12.5mm 1/8” 10-80m/pc 200m/roll carton,pallet
4.8mm 12.5mm 3/16” 10-80m/pc 200m/roll carton,pallet
  Special 3.0mm 11.0mm   10-80m/pc 200m/roll carton,pallet
3.0mm 11.5mm   10-80m/pc 200m/roll carton,pallet
3.5mm 10.5mm   10-80m/pc 200m/roll carton,pallet


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