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Maxinum hose ID:2°6Spiral
Crimping Force > 500ton>
Full Crimping Cycle < 13S
Voltage:3phase 220/380V

Steel Wire Braider
Maypole/Ratary type braider.
Rotary speed:20-80RPM
Bobbin Capacity:450cm3
Diameter of hose:3mm-72mm

Steel Wire Spiral Machine
Rotary speed:100RPM
Stable tension and can connect with extruder for continuous production.

Burst Pressure Tester
Maxinum Test Pressure > 10000Bar
Maxinum Proof Test Pressure > 1000Bar
Maxinum number of Test Piece per setup:10

Impulse Pressure Tester
Pressure wave shape meet SAE J343,ISO 6803 requirement Maxinum Test Pressure > 750Bar
Mininum Test Pressure > 75Bar
Flow rate per Impulse > 180cm3
Maxinum oil temperature > 125°C
Maxinum number of Test piece per setup:16

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