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1) With special frames, our v-belts are resistant to heat, oil, fatigue, aging and friction
2) Features: large power, high speeds, long usage lives, small distortion, small sizes
3) Applications: electric motors, internal combustion engines, power transmission equipment
4) We can provide these products in various sizes, and welcome buyer's specifications

Consists of wrapped cloth layer, strength layer, and compression layer
1) Long service life
2) High wear resistance
3) No extension and no rolling
4) With hexagon or quasi-hexagon transverse plane
5) Neoprene cotton and fiber double wrapper ensures maximum heat, sunlight and oil stain protection
6) Belt body made of special materials providing longer service life and super horsepower
7) Applicable for multi-shaft transmission, generally used in power transmission for textile and farm machinery
8) Customized orders are welcomed

With flat belts' soft and tough properties and v-belts' tight and effective features, our ribbed belts have the following characteristics:

1) Transmission power 30% higher than common v-belts under the same conditions
2) With tight transmission systems, these belts occupy a space 25% smaller than common v-belts under the same conditions
3) Flat and soft belts are suitable not only for transmission of small pulleys but also for high-speed transmission (40m/s)
4) These belts have slight vibration, low heat divergence and steady working
5) Anti-heat, anti-oil, low elongation and long usage lifespan


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